Star of the Week

#9 Terry Challis

Terry played school level fastpitch at Amesbury Park, a hotbed of fastpitch ball in the 70's and 80's, but dropped it in favour of football, only to rejoin in the mid 1980's, joining a work team that led him to playing in the Richmond Hill League for Save-On alongside Mark Benadahan. Terry began as a shortstop and second baseman, only to move to the outfield as a center fielder and later left fielder when he joined the storied Gator franchise in the early 1990's.

Star of the Week

#8 Harvey Bronstine

Our Stars of the Week have highlighted the accomplishments, achievements and contributions to the sport of fastball by those who are involved either directly or indirectly to the Scout Shootout. This week's Star of the Week has left an indelible mark on the sporting life of many young athletes by his selfless devotion to providing an environment where so many kids had an opportunity to have fun, play sports and just have, "A place to play".

Star of the Week

#7 Chris Giamou

This week's Shootout Star of the Week is one of the most respected ball players in fastpitch, not only for his skills and quiet leadership but because the way he conducts himself both on and off the field in such a gentlemanly manner. He has been recognized by former Stars of the Week as being one of the better ball players they have played with or against. There is no better honour than to be recognized by your peers for your abilities and accomplishments and this week's Star of the Week is acknowledged by many players both past and present as one of these players.

Star of the week

#6 Blair McBratney

Blair McBratney, better known on the ball field as "Blazer", "Blaze", "Teddy" or "Teddy Blair" (don't ask) came to the field through family history. He started playing ball at age 9 in the Don Mills area where he grew up, at Don Victoria Softball. His Aunt Betty who had been a softball star in the Ladies League, playing for People's Jewellers at Monarch Park Stadium and Sunnyside, taught Blazer how to throw a ball. His father, Bill McBratney was a prolific baseball player, playing as an outfielder for People's Credit Jewellers out of the Beaches Major Fastball. He won the Canadian National Championships in 1949 and was even scouted once by the Brooklyn Dodgers as a pitcher in 1946. As you can see, Blazer just carried on the tradition, as does his oldest son now.

Star of the Week

#5 Bob Acton

This week's Star of the Week was selected for many reasons. Based on the criteria set out by the selection committee this nominee has met all of them. He is connected in one way or another; teammate, coach, and friend to many players on 3 of the 4 teams participating in the Shootout. He has positively impacted the sport of fastball through his involvement in girls / women's fastball through his coaching at the Bantam level all the way up to College.

Star of the Week

#4 Mike O'hearn

For those who know Mike, you know that he likes to share his thoughts and opinions on a wide array of topics. For our interviews we use a selected set of questions as a starting point and then do our write-ups based on the information we get. Mike had the set of questions and provided us with the answers to the questions in his own words. Instead of attempting to edit this and leaving ourselves open to the wrath of O'Hearn by altering his words in any way or being accused of putting words into his mouth we have decided to publish them as they were given to us.

star of the week

#3 Mark Bendahan

Mark's involvement in sport started in grade school and middle school as he played multiple sports, debuting as a catcher at Rawlinson Public School.  Later transferring to Cedarvale Public School, Mark played shortstop, and then ultimately converted to pitcher and left field in Grade 8.  He had his first taste of competition in 1969 when his Co-Op Taxi team won the Ontario Championship as a 13 year old.

Star of the Week

#2 Fred Butt

Fred first learned that he could throw a softball underhand faster than most at the tender age of 14 in his native town of Dunville, Newfoundland. By the time he was 16 he had moved with his family to Toronto and the legend of his fearsome fastball began to gain momentum. He never played at the junior level and instead began pitching in a men’s league in Topham Park (1972) with Scarbin Realty. He followed that up with another year in Topham with Croyroy. He proved himself to be a more than adequate hitter and as such sometimes found himself playing 1st base just so the team could get his bat into the lineup, but pitching was to be the spot where his reputation would grow in leaps and bounds.

Star of the Week

#1 Frank Marshall

Frank Marshall, one of the most accomplished yet humble human beings in the softball community was drawn to the game by watching softball at Kew Gardens in the Beaches. Here, among a packed throng of 5,000 spectators, Frank would watch teams such as Tip Top Tailors and the stars of yesteryear such as Charley Justice, Cam Ecclestone, Ray Pulford and Abner Grant and dream of the day when he may have that opportunity.