A picture tells a thousand words and 

every picture tells a story don't it?


The pictures shown here, in the Video below and in our memories will re-tell the story of one amazing July weekend in 2015



A story where players, families and friends came together for one common goal. To participate in a fastpitch tournament, where the skill, sweat and spirit of competition was evidenced with every pitch that was thrown. But not to win for the team, but to win for the team's charity.


After two days of intensely played games between all four teams on Thursday and Friday it all came down to two games on Finals Saturday where the Shootout Showdown lived up to its name. Both the Consolation and Championships saw each team pour their heart and soul into each play, with both games coming down to the final at bats and being decided in the 7th inning. A Hollywood script could not have matched the drama that was the final day. In the end the biggest winners were the charities that were the benefactors of each team's success.


The ALS Society received $3,000 due to the efforts of the Durham Bulls.Hockey Helps the Homeless had $6,000 donated to them on behalf of the Toronto Gators. Maccabi Canada played superbly throughout the tourney and won $9,000 for the Ontario Mental Health Association and the Bridle Bash Foundation is the recipient of the championship prize of $12,000dollars on behalf of Scout Logistics.


These charities are the true winners from the 2015 edition of the Scout Shootout Showdown. As we declare these games officially closed, we would like to thank all the players, fans, volunteers, sponsors, umpires, scorekeepers, snack bar attendants and members of the organizing committee for making this event an even greater success than we could have ever imagined. The incredible atmosphere at the after party brought the purpose for this event together with smiles and hugs that were exchanged between old friends and rivals and new friends and teammates. 

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2016. Thank you for a memorable 2015!!