This field, this game, is a part of our past.

It reminds us of all that was once good, and it could be good again. 

Oh, people will come.

People will most definitely come.

- Field of Dreams -



July 2 - July 4

2015 marks the inaugural debut of Scout Logistics "$25,000 Shootout Showdown". Bringing together the ideals of camaraderie, competition and charity it promises to be the fast pitch event of the summer. 


Set in historic Hendon Park, this tournament ‎will bring together teammates, friends,and families in this annual event to participate in a fun, competitive tournament to renew old relationships, re-live old memories, make new ones WITH all proceeds DONATED to registered Canadian charities. 


With just under 3 weeks until we crown the first ever Scout Shootout Showdown Champion, we are extremely proud to announce that the total prize money to be won for Charity has reached $25,000

This money will be divided up amongst all 4 teams to be donated to a charity of their choice. The purse will be split in the following way: The Champions are allocated 40% for their Charity, 2nd place finishers take 30%, 3rd takes 20% and the 4th place team will get 10% for their individual charities.

While there are many very worthy and needy charities to choose from, each team has selected a charity to play for based on selections made by the players on each team.

We would like to highlight the charities that each team has selected to play for:


To find out more about each charity and to donate on your own, click the links below: 


Durham Bulls - ALS Society Canada

Toronto Gators - Hockey Helps the Homeless

Scout Logistics - The Bridle Bash Foundation

Maccabi Canada - Ontario Mental Health Association


Also, it's never too late to be a sponsor for the tournament. Please check out the sponsorship section on our website to see how you can contribute directly to the Shootout Showdown. Find Out More


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